Free Event plays an increasingly important role within IRONMAN Italia: after becoming the Italian sponsorship agency in 2018, the event agency contributed to the organization of the triathlon sporting event that took place in Cervia on the 20th , 21 and 22 September 2019, taking care of the banqueting service (for more than 3.000 people), logistics and set-up. A very popular event – 52.000 athletes per year and 10 million euros of tourism products – which attracted a huge crowd of people on the beach from the first light of dawn: the steel athletes left with the first batteries at 7.30 am, on a perfect September day. Already at 5.30 am, well ahead of dawn, Cervia seafront was populated by athletes, organizers, volunteers and the curious.

Fundamental to the success of the event was also the agreement that Free Event concluded with JEEP, making the famous automotive brand a main partner of the race and at the same time creating an extremely engaging content – and consistent in terms of values – for the thousands of people present. For JEEP, Free Event has designed and built a space dedicated to test drives and database building in the portion of the beach adjacent to the start and finish of the circuit. Hundreds of people have entered the tests, with the possibility of choosing the car – among various types of JEEP Wrangler – and taking a dedicated route on the sand with ramps, twists, obstacles and tunnels in the company of a professional driver. An ideal format to help increase the network of contacts of the brand, at the same time offering the thousands of people present the chance to discover every detail of the new JEEP.

In addition to having expanded its customer portfolio with one of the most important automotive brands – within the FCA group Free Event has already collaborated for some time with Ferrari and Fiat – the agreement closed with JEEP has allowed the event organization agency to create an engaging and highly successful activity, helping to forge a partnership between two brands that share the same vision: one in which “anything is possible”.