Free Event and Italiana Assicurazioni once again return to team up for the Life Day 2019 convention, after working together on numerous successful projects. An event dedicated to the best agents, focused on change and the future, themes that characterized every aspect of the day. From the location – the MIND District of Milan, ex Expo, which will become a real innovation district in the coming years – to the set up, characterized by a large circular and suspended projection backdrop, which has come down to embrace the guests becoming the screen on which all the audiovisual contents have been projected – in a large and impactful format, truly all-round.


At the end, for the awards, an intervention on the bass of Saturnino, which involved the audience with a fluid and innovative performance, to then dominate the post dinner DJ set. A great success for Free Event, leader in the organization of events in Milan and in Italy, which confirms its partnership with Italiana Assicurazioni by organizing a corporate event with attention to every detail, with a storytelling centered on change and innovation.